Analysis on the design elements of outdoor amusement facilities

Analysis on the design elements of outdoor amusement facilities

The design of the swing takes into account the swing height, ground distance, structural weight, stability, suspension, and anti-collision requirements for the swing chair.

         Swings are generally 2.1 to 3 meters high, using wood, plastic, etc., the width of the board is about 50 cm, the board is 25 to 40 cm above the ground.


        The slope angle of the slide is between 30 degrees and 35 degrees, and the width is about 70 to 95 centimeters. The length of the standard straight slide section should be more than 1.5 meters; the length of the straight edges on both sides is about 18 centimeters, so that the children can play double Foot brakes.

For curved or undulating slides, the section width shall be less than 70 cm; the closed slide shall have an internal diameter of not less than 75 cm.

         In addition, the lower part of the child is laid with a pad of not less than 3 cm in thickness or sand of 40 cm or more to prevent the child from being injured when diving.

A small slide 1.5 meters high can be placed indoors for children aged 3 to 4 years old, and a 3 meter slide is used for ten-year-olds.

         Wave, curved, spiral slides add fun due to ups and downs or changing the speed of the slide.


    Climbing amusement equipment consists of fixed objects, such as three-dimensional frames, slopes with grips or pedals, and some soft materials such as ropes, climbing slides, etc., often appear in climbing facilities. Keep it absolutely smooth, keep the same direction in the down section, and don't change direction.


     The horizontal height of the seesaw plate should be kept at 60 cm, the height is 90 cm, and the drop is 20 cm. The seesaw extends a minimum of 1.8 meters in a safe use area with a maximum angle of 25 degrees between the floor and the seesaw.