Children's occupational experience of value-the combination of experience and education


Traditional rides only to supply children's entertainment, and Chinese consumers are most concerned about what professional itself? Of course not, Chinese parents want his children no matter when and where you can learn something, will add leverage to their future development.


Networks, information life with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, simply can't meet the 21st century classroom education children in pursuit of information, traditional education is not necessarily ready to convey the knowledge.

Experience + education--teaching model of experiential education

With the child long thorough study and practice, children think: experiential education can not only let the children enjoy the fun of professional as well as learned to play, learn to be grateful. But with the development of experiential professional project, you want to stand out in these projects must be innovative.

Many children experience a long period of study, children think Changsha cool Bella and Suzhou is well aware of this in the future. Bella's career with a series of characteristics: such as: traditional, such as movable type, the Chinese pavilion, flag guard, joined the traditional Chinese elements very well, learning not only entertainment, has deepened the understanding of Chinese culture and history. Suzhou is very well integrated into the English language in the future, so that children can easily learn English in a fun and good memories.

For children we have a large selection of local, such as cultivation of communication ability, thinking skills training, such as the cultivation of the creative ability and so on. These alone were not enough, we need to refine their implementation, let consumers see tangible results, because Chinese consumers are pragmatic.

Judging children experience high or low, depending on the value of this innovative service of experience levels and levels.