Children's Park factors for the management of

After opened a children's playground in the investment, consider the children's Park management plan, and now four more important operation elements 1, business model development: the promotion of publicity, music tickets for pricing, profile building, cooperative interaction with the institutions related to the nature of the child, and so on. This is the important ideas and strategies of profit guarantee, recommends that investors be sure to make the plans and programmes.

2, site selection: engaged in naughty indoor children's playground is located in large shopping centers, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, and so on. Popularity is everything! good venues is going one of the hardware, to people around the site when the site traffic and the surrounding commercial prospects for an assessment.

3, select the device manufacturer: intention venues confirmed, operators depending on the investment contact appropriate manufacturer. And site plan issued by the manufacturer, as well as the overall offer, negotiated the cycle of production and installation. Indoor amusement park equipment, is a children's play place, so safety equipment, is the most important, so be sure to choose a good device manufacturers.

4, business management: recruiting the right staff, training of field staff, strengthen the sense of responsibility of training recommended hiring teachers with preschool experience, enough to correctly guide the children to play, and that has to be done often children slides, bobochi and 1:99 disinfection mats, so parents can feel at ease children often visit the children's playground.