Details – professional experience education should start with small

Any item determined its development are two aspects: hardware and software. How in control limited cost of while, let experience venues of popularity and reputation steadily climbed, this on need we focused on on hardware details of put control, will cost consumption spent to points Shang, in build experience Museum styling of while, consider its geographical factors, into unique of concept, full consider by all crowd, build security managed, will "soft", and "round", and "hid" into whole venues construction of corner and details, in children can contact of range within, grasp whole venues of design details, Soft walls and around fire huagan cushion set, the Museum experience, furniture and props in the corner the lubrication round, sealed maintenance of accessible power supply wires, the permeability of the parents concerned their child to experience design, all considering all the details of this unique service. Children at home almost the same professional experience in stadium construction, only a handful of children's professional experience rewarding venue operation, in contrast to its cost after consumption, Changsha cool Bella professional experience venues should be the operational impacts of the child is important. Investigate its cause, it is not difficult to find, in addition to its more complete details on the hardware measures, in the minds of children and parents, its bit by bit from the build up of positive brand value is demonstrated excellence.

In the children's professional experience in project, what can become a brand value of tools, which increase the rate of repeat visits, and achieve the ultimate purpose of profit, in addition to a better experience of hardware, and real people is the second factor in determining children's occupational experience of project development: software. Professional experience of the core software for children--children experience processes and management mechanisms.