Grasp the actual needs in innovation-an important factor in children's playground hot

A rich, the kind of new, fully meeting the nature

Every parents want their children to have a happy childhood, or because of his love for children, a certain lack of or make up their own childhood, and create a happy environment for their children to be were reasonable. Small number of traditional children's playground equipment, old, small, volume activities such drab. Children learn more than one child education expert advice at home and abroad, a theme decoration, naughty children, children experience, stories, Interactive Doll House-parents, parents, recreation resources, is very rich in species, weaknesses, changed the traditional children's playground for all the lucky Baby to create a strange, wonderful, fun, the Magic Kingdom.

Second, the emphasis on children's psychological needs, designed to highlight humane.

Children's playground designed depending on the child's personality, analyze their psychological needs, special programme for the "dynamic" and "static" two plates and combining, full development, taking into account both "active" and "quiet" the acceptable range of children, but also to develop and exercise their character on the other side. Parents if wants to let himself of child lively good moving, learned into collective, and and people along, enjoy "partners more" of atmosphere, that let he in naughty Fort, and expand, and jumped bed, regional in the free, and enjoy to run, and play; if you wants to let himself of children learned control himself of mood and behavior, exercise he of patience and carefully, can let he try try children experience Museum, and play puzzle toy,. Design emphasized the humanity as a whole, it solves a big problem for moms and dads.