Hold child career experience real value

Children's occupational experience differs from examination-oriented education in classroom, made reference to the social and professional scene, allows children to play adults from all walks of professional roles, do it yourself, complete work, access to "wages", and let the children play in the understanding of the social reality, cultivating perfect personality, develop career aspirations, planning their future, this is a children's occupational experience of project development in mind. But according to the information at present, most experienced venue puts the emphasis and focus on how to let children have fun. Children's occupational experience really should let the children enjoy the "fun", but at the same time, we should take into account the rational of the adults, we have an obligation to understand what children really need, there is direction to road to responsibilities for children's healthy development and entertaining forms part of quality education. Education is the theme and purpose, entertainment is one of the forms. It is also an important motivation for paying parents and school teams willing to take the initiative.

In experience venues, often can heard parents on children such said "you to play this Museum, this museum experience time short, good has zhihou also can again more play other of Museum", and "you to this museum queued, I to row addition a Museum, such can fast some in play", and "experience time too long has, you fast points finished has out"...... As parents, we can understand without awareness or did not receive the transfer of experience prior to the educational value for children experience attention. But as a children's occupational experience of industry practitioners, we should be clear that giving children vocational experience of social values and significance of the times--"entertaining", guiding parents understand occupational experience educational, know the line up is to let children learn civilized order, meditation work is to develop the child's attitude and dedication.