Large slide for children how much money

Customer in purchase large children slide of when, always has many different type of children slide can select, but price range always compared big of, some children slide with swing combination of on will compared your has, price General will in 20,000 to 50,000 around of, because with of material compared more, a of large children slide contains variety of slide entertainment facilities, so price on will compared cheap of. So how much do single large slide for children? If it is as long as the price of a large children's slide in 2000 to about 9,000 yuan, depending on how much children's slide to look at the size you need.

Large slide for children how much money? Manufacturers use different materials, quotes will be different, some of the material is relatively low on the child's skin can damage children's price slide would be a lot cheaper, and a year or two there will be signs of poor, so the children slide even more cheap should be more careful.