Naughty markets Outlook

Decided to have children to make money or not: what are the determinants?

1, market prospects. This CS do not have and we talk now, income level, parents ' spending on children is growing, plus the child policy of opening, is axiomatically market potential;

2, competitive environment. Market, competition means that someone when they're competing for the market if you don't have much space, children's Park has opened eight or nine, what profit is it do you think you can?

3, location selection. CS in the playground business for 10 years, and has seen many do well, have seen many fails. A general rule is, get a good venue, most will be able to collect the money. While

What is a good site? --Traffic near big shopping malls, many kindergartens, primary neighborhood, near City Park. Anyway, the place closest to the children, children's greater density, is a good place to