Parent-child entertainment comprehensive venue representation

Parent-child entertainment comprehensive venue representation:

1. Increase the number of rides and consumption scenarios, and extend the time spent on play;

2. Diversified entertainment consumption scenarios to achieve site utilization, guiding and diverting members' consumption patterns;

3. Enrich the consumption links of children and adults and enhance the consumption experience of the venue;

4. Diversified consumption patterns and consumption projects to meet the one-stop consumer demand of the family and increase the overall income of the park;

5. Enhance the customer's viscosity and the spread of the children's park brand image with a variety of activities.

The simplest and straightforward method is that there are different projects at the same time. For example, there are naughty castles, manual areas, puzzle areas, lottery areas, and video games areas. There are also children's equipment, adult equipment, and parent-child areas in the video game area. Entertainment devices. The rich and varied paradise project is suitable for consumers of all ages, and can also extend the time of customers' play in the playground to the greatest extent.