The Details Of The Children's Playground Terrain Can Not Be Missed!

The details of the children's playground terrain can not be missed!

        In the reconstruction design of the terrain, according to the original terrain, it is necessary to adapt to the local conditions, to guide the situation, and to meet the functional requirements of the site.

        The design of the event venue in the park needs to make full use of the existing fluctuations in order to facilitate children to slide, chase and so on.

        If the slope changes abruptly, consider using a terrain design slide. The flat ground can be used in sports venues so that children can hop on the house and chase each other.

        In order to facilitate the drainage of the ground, the site that is too flat can be treated into gently undulating gentle slopes and hillocks with a slope of 5° to 15°, which also meets the requirements of natural beauty.

        When children use it, they have a weak understanding of danger and the ability to avoid danger. They need the care of adults at any time. Therefore, there should be a place for children’s guardians to rest and talk on the side of the children’s activity venue, or they can be combined into a resting place for children. Design of children's event venues.

        For school-age children, it should be based on sports venues, and can add some cultural things, such as using narration signs to indicate the type of plants, or set up some statues, and also increase the temperature of thermometers, wind vanes, etc. Facility, the concept of time, season and weather can be told to the user to stimulate children's interest in scientific knowledge.