Trampoline competition rules

Trampoline competition rules

At present, the World Trampoline Championships has established 6 events including men's singles, men's doubles, men's teams, women's singles, women's doubles and women's teams. The Olympic trampoline will have two individual gold medals for men and women online.

In the trampoline competition, athletes must complete the required actions and optional actions. In the trampoline event, a player needs to make 3 different sets of moves, each set consists of 10 moves. The first set of actions is a prescribed action routine, in which only the "difficulty points" of two actions are calculated, and the second and third sets of actions are optional action routines.

The characteristics of a set of trampoline movements are mainly manifested in the high float of the movements, the rhythmic connection and transformation between the movements, including the two-foot take-off, back elastic, abdominal elastic, and sitting elastic movements. There is no pause or intermediate jump in the whole set of movements. A set of trampoline movements should consist of various forward and backward somersaults or non-turning somersaults. Athletes' full set of movements should show graceful posture, correct movement technique, ideal height and good body control ability.

During the competition, athletes are not allowed to wear jewelry and watches. Female athletes must wear white socks in the competition. Violators will be disqualified for the round.

Each participant can have 1 coach to protect; in any case, there should be no more than 4 protectors around the net.

After the chief referee sends the signal, the athlete must start the first action within 1 minute, otherwise points will be deducted. When an athlete performs movements, except for the split-leg jump, other movements require the feet and legs to be brought together, and the toes should be straight. According to the requirements of the action, the body posture can be grouped, bent or straight. There can be no repetitive actions in a set of actions,

Otherwise, the difficulty is not calculated for repeated actions. If there are repeated actions in the first set of preliminaries, 1.0 point will be deducted for each repetition.

The referee only scores actions completed online. If there is an interruption in the game, the action after the interruption will not be scored. At the end of the whole set of movements, the athletes must control their feet on the net and keep their upper body upright at the end, otherwise points will be deducted according to the rules.

Referees score in units of 0.1 points. The chief referee is responsible for determining the validity of the final score.

In the competition, due to poor posture, 0.1 to 0.5 points will be deducted for each action;

0.4 points will be deducted if one or both hands touch the net;

0.6 points will be deducted if knees or hands and knees touch the net, sit on the net, or lie down on the net or touch the net;

0.6 points will be deducted for touching springs, cushions, trampoline frames or safety platforms;

0.8 points will be deducted for falling or falling on springs, cushions, trampoline frames, safety platforms, or protective mats;

1.0 point will be deducted if the trampoline is dropped or dropped;

During the game, when the protection personnel or coaches speak or give hints to the athletes, 0.3 points will be deducted each time;

In a set of actions, 1.0 point will be deducted for each intermediate (straight) jump; 1.0 point will be deducted for additional actions;

0.1 to 0.3 points will be deducted for exceeding the prescribed time.