Two types of traditional children's playground

Traditional children's playground there are two types: one is the outdoor children's playground and the other is an indoor children's playground.

Outdoor children's Park, a relatively large part is set within a park or an amusement park. Topic targeted, project selection and equipped with main facilities for adolescents and youth. On the choice and supporting facilities is difficult to type and service group for the purposes of age of absolute distinction, often meet the standards of all ages. Children's Fairyland is a total public of children's play.

Naughty Park suitable for children aged 8 to 15 years old, and its products include batteries, spiral slides, pirate ship, wave slide, Super maze.

Parent-child paradise designed for several months freshman until 8 age of (height 125cm following) children tailored design of indoor amusement park area, its core of design concept is from in outdoor big natural environment in the play of children are body get inspiration, clever using sound, and light, and electric, and gas, and water, and color, and technology combination, design environment, rendering atmosphere, contributed to children are in amusement in the interactive infection, in enjoy play in the release kid stuff, reproduction children are innocent of Sun and smile! design of power products has: inflatable Fort, and spatio-temporal Shuttle, and Treasure ship, and coconut tree, and UFO, and animal shake, and animal turned horse, and colorful housing, and, part, also also has jigsaw puzzle Gallery part, it is children painting and manual making project, has painting, and pottery's, and model, and fishing,, the project in tie children quality education, training children of focused force and patience of while, play they potential of painting capacity, and art taste and hands-on capacity.