5 unsafe children's play facilities

5 unsafe children's play facilities

1, swing safe

Swing is the most vulnerable baby in playground equipment activity. But some simple precautions will allow your baby to enjoy the joy of swinging in the spring breeze; the swing should be made of softer materials such as rubber or plastic than wood and metal.

Baby should sit swing swing, not standing or kneeling. Swing, let the baby hold the swing tightly with both hands of the rope, swinging, to wait until after the swing to stop completely down. The babies should keep a safe distance from the baby on the swing, being careful not to run or walk around the swinging waves. A swing can only sit on a baby swing design is usually a baby to use.

2, seesaw safety

Since the use of seesaws requires cooperation between two babies, such devices are generally not suitable for young children under 5 years of age. Unless, under some seesaw with a spring design, you can avoid the sudden touch of seesaw. Still, extra caution is needed while playing the seesaw. The following safety tips keep your baby in mind:

Seesaw sitting only one baby. If the baby is too light compared with one's own companion, one needs to change partners instead of one baby on the light one.

• The baby should sit face to face on a seesaw, do not turn around and sit back to back.

• Keep your baby holding the handle firmly with both hands. Do not try to touch the floor or vent your hands. Feet naturally on both sides, not curled up in the seesaw below.

• Keep other children in the distance while the seesaw is in use. Never put your limbs under the raised plates or stand in the middle of the seesaw beams and even try to climb to the seesaw that is moving up and down.

3, slide safety

Slides should be quite safe if babies are careful about using such devices. Here are some related safety tips:

• While playing with the baby, the baby should go up the steps step by step while handrailing the rails so they climb to the top of the slide. You should not climb up the slide.

• Tell your baby to always slide their feet down and keep their upper body vertical. Never let the baby slide head down or stomach down.

In the sliding section of the slide, there should be only one baby at a time. Do not let the baby slide downwards in groups to avoid crushing.

• Allow your baby to see if the bottom of the slide is empty before sliding down and if any other baby is sitting there. When the baby slides off the slide, he should immediately get up and leave the slide for the baby Vacancies.

4, climbing frame safety

The jambs on the children's playground are available in a variety of shapes and sizes - including rock climbing, bow-shaped jambs, vertical and horizontal pole climbing, and more. These devices are more challenging for babies than other devices, so it's very hard for them to understand how to get rid of these climbs. The climbing frame is also a high incidence of public playground injury accidents, so when playing, be sure to pay attention to the correct procedure:

For young children, because of their muscle strength is still relatively weak arm, so just started, need some adult assistance, too high climbing frame is not suitable for climbing.

To play the jungle safely, the baby first learns to hold the crossbar on the janitor with both hands and, in sequence, waits for the baby in front to move forward and then forwards, and be careful in front of the baby When the legs may swing back. When the baby jumped from the jungle, be careful not to hit the other crossbar at the foot. Remind the baby to jump, knees bent, feet on the ground.

• It is also dangerous for too many babies to climb the same climbing frame at the same time. Each baby should move from the same side of the climbing frame to the same direction.

• When babies go down the jungle, take care to avoid the babies climbing up, do not compete with each other, or try to reach out to the crossbar that is farther ahead.

• Your baby under 5 years of age is still weak in upper body strength and should climb only those relatively small climbing frames. 5 to 7 years old baby only suitable for climbing 1.6 meters below the height of the jungle, baby above 7 years old can only climb 2.3 meters below the jungle.

5, unsafe children's play facilities

The following types of equipment are unsafe amusement devices, the baby is not suitable for playing.

• Animal-shaped swing.

• Gliding swing for two people at the same time.

• Excessive wear and tear, can form a loop swing rope.

Gymnastic rings and boom.

• Trampoline.

Play is an important part of the baby's psychological, social, intellectual and emotional development. If parents keep these safety points in mind, then the safety of the baby has a reliable protection.