5 Minutes Learn Naughty Fort Dedicated Painted Mat Installation Method!

5 minutes learn naughty Fort dedicated painted mat installation method!

 As the first Naughty Fort children's paradise dedicated painting mats, with colorful, brilliant designs, personalized custom, environmental health advantages, at the same time with anti-static function, a good flexible performance, non-slip, wear-resistant, excellent protective properties. Solve the long-term children's playground mats a single pattern, boring, dirty, easy to clean. Widely used in theme parks, shopping malls, children's career experience centers, indoor playgrounds, children's hospitals, kindergartens, children's playground, star resorts, shopping malls and other playground ground. That painted mat in the venue how to install it? Following Xiaobian understand together.


Tools / raw materials

Glue gun, tape, utility knife, vacuum cleaner, sockets drag line.

Site requirements: flat ground (such as cement floor, tile floor, etc.)

Painted floor mats methods / steps

First, the construction site handling:

Use a blade, vacuum cleaner or a clean mop to clean the floor to ensure the construction site is clean and tidy with no stains or moisture.


Secondly, the pattern stitching process:

In dealing with clean venues, open the product packaging, laid according to the drawings laid mats. Make the pattern intact, not bad bit. Exceptional cutting edge removal (cutting size is larger than the site size is appropriate)Attracted Forest Theme Commercial Kids Indoor Playground


Thirdly, the mat and ground bonding:

One by one will be laying a complete mats on both sides set off 10-20 cm, 20 cm from the seams using the original factory equipped with high-power hot melt glue gun hot glue evenly coated on the ground every 30 cm, coating The amount of about 5 ² cm (pressure gun 3-5 times), each coating is completed, the need to quickly press the mat and apply pressure leveling.


Fourthly, the seam welding:

After welding the floor to the floor mat, weld the floor mat seams using an original hot melt gun. Push the muzzle into the seam to pull the trigger evenly and move it 10 centimeters per gun. Head and tail and corners can increase the amount of coating to ensure a solid bond.


Fifthly, clean the weld:

After the glue is solidified, use a special hook knife to remove excess glue, so that the surface of the mats is clean and tidy. (Be careful not to accidentally hurt the mat surface)Attracted Forest Theme Commercial Kids Indoor Playground


Finally, edge decoration:

After the surface treatment, you can use the cement nails or expansion screws to fix the corner mats, and then install the edge to be modified.



1. The laying of floor mats to clean the floor when the dust, or too much dust will cause the floor mats and ground bonding is not strong, affecting the use of mats;

2 mats must be laid one-time finish, can not be separated for a long time;

3. Mats and wall joints between the glue gun with glue gun glue;

4. Mats laid in accordance with the mat should be laid in the process, not jumping step operation.


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