A New Era Of Research And Development, Naughty Fort Starting From The Nature Of Children, To Lead A New Wave


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experts in the industry view, the source of demand around the audience and r & d products, it is a "ground gas" products. in the field of children and adolescents, playing is a natural thing, learning is an education. there is very little product that combines learning and play. wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. may be an exception, the company's r & d products are often either not sell, sell big products.

in the field of marketing, many experts and scholars are invariably thinking of such a problem, that is, "what kind of product is the consumer's favorite product?"". in life, we can often see some creative, unique, design is incredible, but no sales side of the products. in the industry view, such a product out of the nature of consumer demand, so even if the design for the "fancy", it is difficult to impress users. what kind of product is considered a good product?

compared with other children's products manufacturers such as guangzhou and yiwu,  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd has more advantages in education and technology. the products produced by this company are not only good-looking, interesting, but also quite scientific and technological. for example, in the hydrodynamic water world many shopping malls are popular, the product development of mind is human nature and love the water on the hydrodynamic mechanical knowledge exploration.  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. from "learning and playing" in two different directions, only to develop this set of products enjoyed by tens of millions of experienced people.

hydrodynamic water world in shopping malls, real estate, green space center, youth experience center and other places of popularity is very high. wanda plaza in zhejiang, wenzhou, water power equipment products are fun to play every child products. at the same time, in jilin, jiangsu, hunan, hubei, hebei and other places, this product is one of the favorite products such as mall. it is worth mentioning that,wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. production of water power water world can heat up, so as to meet the winter indoor and outdoor operation of the different needs. compared with similar products, this product has more advantages.

a single product behind, such as  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co. ltd. the production of small world, big ball, ball world, world wind sand and other products are also affected by the world people love, and also steadily in the country more than a second tier city, has become one of the venues of essential products. in a series of leading products behind the industry, reflects the  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd., this enterprise for the "naughty fort" project upgrade thinking.

it is understood that, in the traditional naughty fort benefit decline of the general trend,  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. created a new generation of naughty fort, not down, anti rise, become "turnover" frequently counter attack "big kill device"". many investors are very difficult to understand, the reason is often considered to be only caused by the shape of the product. actually the product is only one aspect of it, and more of the changes are due to the understanding of  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. for the naughty fort project.

tony ma, general manager of c wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd., said that many naughty fort problems in the formulation of the audience. for example, the naughty fort audience fixed at the age of 0-6.  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. for the naughty fort understanding is that young children are the main experience, but the project should be open to all age groups. that's why children and parents can be happy to play together in the small ball world and water world of thai amusement equipment co., ltd. in chengdu. the products developed by  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. include adult experience factors. as a result,  wenzhou kidsplayplay toy co., ltd. has become a leader in the naughty fort trend of enterprises.