A Sci-fi Children's Playground In Netherlands

A Sci-fi children's playground in Netherlands

Beatrix Park, located in the South Sussex district of Amsterdam, is one of the oldest parks in the city, attracting residents, tourists, and being praised as a "beautiful and quiet" place.


Beatrix was originally a romantic park, and its oldest part was designed by Dutch landscape designer Jacoba Mulder in 1938. World War II was occupied by the German occupation, Beatrix was transformed into a modernist style. Now, on the west side of Beatrix is Beethoven Avenue, followed by the expansion of the exhibition center, the park has a few rivers through, built in the first small lake is still the most romantic place throughout the park.


There is a children 's playground in the Dutch park

       The recent construction of Beatrix was to transform the hills near the lake into a peninsula with a small park, including a multi-functional children's playground at the nearby old basketball venue.


The Dutch design studio Carve has a rich landscape and playground design experience. Prior to that, Carve had transformed a small hillside in the Beringen, the largest industrial mine in the Flanders region of Belgium, into a playable be-MINE playground that brought new life to the old industrial buildings The Like Carve's small-scale community park in the Netherlands, it is impressive with the concept of sculpture-like skateboarding and vertical forests.



Be-MINE playground


This time, Carve designed a seemingly funny playground device for Beatrix. This device consists of three parts of the device connected to each other, unlike a colorful children's slide or trampoline, it has a white appearance and smooth surface, a great sense of the future.





       Although the shape is simple, but the role of this device can be unambiguous. In order to meet the needs of children as much as possible to create more play scenes, the designer in the shape of the octopus device designed the goal, trampoline, slide and other areas.


For example, the designer in the middle of the concave place into the trampoline and rope structure, children can climb in the device; side of the device side can reflect the surrounding environment of the mirror, passers-by figure in the mirror twisted, very interesting; The other side has a concave goal, the child's activity area can be extended to the site outside the device; one of its deliberately hollowed out of the site, is able to hang the natural structure of the swing; device out of large and small "Hole", has become children's free exploration of the secret space.