A Shopping Mall In Shanghai Build A Huge Slide,16 Seconds Long Slide Finished

A shopping mall in Shanghai build a huge slide,16 seconds long slide finished

Shanghai, a shopping mall built a new giant slide, the five-storey giant slide only about 16 seconds can slip over, so lead to friends onlookers hot. Some people worry about the safety of the slide from the height of the 5-story slide. It is understood that, according to China's current "special equipment safety law", the slide does not belong to the scope of special equipment supervision, do not need to force inspection. But in order to ensure safety, shopping malls have commissioned the city to test their own inspection, is currently for some security risks and risks to rectification.

The mall said that the fastest slide will be open to the public after the Lantern Festival, from the entrance to the export to take 16 seconds, and need to be 1.1 meters above the children and adults can use.