After The Playground Opened, It Started Marketing?

After the playground opened, it started marketing?

The store is going to open, how to do marketing? As everyone knows, they have lost the marketing opportunity of spending less.

Opening marketing should be early, 5 details that cannot be ignored.

1. Preparation period, to carry out rent cost marketing

Rent is a fixed cost per month. If you think that the monthly rent is 10,000 yuan, you must use the turnover of 10,000 yuan to level off. Before renting a house, you must explain your advantages to the real estate developer, such as the ability to divert, can bring brand effect, in order to lower the rent.

2. During the construction period, make good use of the "45 days" free publicity

There is a certain construction period before the opening of the playground. At this time, the enclosure should assume the initial marketing front of the brand.

The basic section of the enclosure must at least tell the customer the brand name and opening date, and pass the information of the brand "coming soon, please look forward to".

The high-end evolution of the enclosure can tell stories, play games, use special design to interact with customers, make the enclosure a media device, attract customers to stop, take photos, and even participate in activities, which can be well before the opening Brand building.

3. Trial business period, quickly adjust the ability to undertake

For the new store, the team needs to run in, the product needs to be adjusted, the process needs to be optimized, and the service needs to be standardized step by step. The so-called ironing still needs to be hard. Before doing marketing to attract more people to come in, the boss should understand his service reception ability, adjust the internal and then do external publicity.

Generally, when a new store is opened, it is recommended to conduct a trial operation for a period of time, that is, to attract customers by means of natural growth. The main task at this stage is to work closely with the team, make adjustments to products and services, and wait for everything to be ready, and then start marketing support.

4. Promotion period, the ground push can still effectively obtain customers

The opening of new stores and the traditional way of disseminating flyers are still a good way to effectively obtain customers.

The design of the flyer should be simple, rude, and straightforward. For example, in a sentence, it is clear what benefits the store has.

Sending flyers depends on how the customer arrives and when the traffic in the business district is concentrated. If it is an office area, around 11:30, it is necessary to be on standby at the exit. Streets or shopping malls also need to find the direction of the popular pop road, and add a large poster to guide.

5. Opening activities, the discount front should not be pulled too long

Discount sales are the simplest and most rude way to open a business. Many playgrounds are queued at 50% on the first day of opening, and the next day is 60% off. As the discount decreases, customers are also halved to zero.

   When the playground continues to discount for a long time and then resumes the normal price, people will psychologically think that the playground is "expensive." Therefore, the discount front cannot be long. During this period, attention should be paid to enhancing the sense of value brought by products and services to attract customers to enter the store again.

Marketing has its own merits in terms of creative ideas. To do marketing well, you need to pay attention to these points:

The courage must be big and the creativity must be new. Under the bombardment of frequent activities, consumers have already produced negative resistance to the activities, even if they can't hide, they can't remember. Therefore, when doing activities, you must be courageous, and creative new ideas can cause discussion and generate traffic.

Understand the situation, but not blind. It’s not a new way to do marketing by taking advantage of it. But how to use it is a university question, not all the potentials are suitable for borrowing. Just as not all brands are suitable for funeral culture, and a careless brand may be “disappointed”. If it is to be a long-lived brand, after all, brand tonality is a long-term follow-up of the business, choose a short-term trend without a qualitative, it is a matter of months.