Analytical Classification Of Play Equipment Of Children's Play Equipment

Analytical classification of play equipment of children's play equipment, include the following:

1. go horse play equipment:

Tectonic movement feature: anti-turntable installed in the cockpit or on the support arm, or around the vertical axis tilt axis inversion, or scrolling around the vertical axis with a slight swing.

Cabin or around the vertical axis tilt axis reverse play equipment: carousel, cyclones, sea pearls, Lotus Cup and the volume pedal moon rocket set, coffee cups, roll tanks, muddy Earth, small aircraft (cabins not lifting), Dumbo (cabin does not lift) and a child playing small merry-go-round.

Scroll around the vertical axis with a small swing of amusement equipment: aerospace vehicles, Caterpillar, Apple and so on.

2. Scooter type play set:

Tectonic movement feature: unpowered vehicles itself, by improving equipment, increased to a certain height, running along the trajectory by inertia; or its own power on the ups and downs of the larger tracks running. Such as: roller coaster, insolent rats, taxiing Dragon, torrent, Crescent drive, mine cars, and so on.

3. gyro category amusement equipment:

Tectonic characteristics: cockpit reverse movement around a variable angle of axis, spindle mounted on the lift arm. Such as tops, double flying, brave turntable, a flying arm, football, etc.