Baby's Childhood — Indoor Playground

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 Through humanized design, clever use of sound, light, electricity, gas, water, color, technology portfolio, design environment, rendering atmosphere, enabling children to interact in the amusement interactive, enjoyment in the playful enlightenment, release the childlike play; Sensory education combined with the theme of the game, let the children play music to promote learning, learning music, music has learned. First-class products, leading technology, standardized management, integrity services to provide users with personalized naughty Fort amusement equipment.


 Naughty Castle Children's Playground indoor equipment items include trampoline, ball pool, air gliding, single wooden bridge, cable bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide pipe, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbines, cannon, cartoon cars, Coconut trees, water beds, balloon houses, turn horses, time shuttle, happy Octopus, inflatable jumping bed, water slides, water drums, pirate ships, mini turntable animal shakes and other naughty Fort accessories.


 Naughty Castle children's playground for parks, villas, residential quarters, tourist attractions, resorts, playgrounds, supermarkets, shopping malls, kindergartens, and other places


Naughty fort project parameters

    1, plastic pipes and slides: the use of imported SK LLPME Rotational molding materials by rotational molding, in line with GB / T4454-1996 requirements, the plastic wall thickness of 6mm or more, colorful, anti-ultraviolet (UV) ability to 8, in line with Australian food-grade standards, anti-static ability, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance, high strength.

    2, the platform: internal multi-layer, tundish heavy foam sponge (in line with GB6675-2003 standard), the outer layer of imported super PVC horizontal Jingwei weaving flash leather, high strength, excellent safety performance;

    3, the rainbow ladder: the internal wood, tundish foam sponge (in line with GB6675-2003 standard), the outer layer of imported super PVC weft knit flashing, high strength, excellent safety performance, the installation angle of less than 30 Degree, in line with national standards;

    4, Administer: High-density foam EVA sponge, thickness ≥ 6mm, covered with flash leather, easy to scrub, colorful, easy to damage, good flame retardancy;

    5 steel pipe: diameter of 48mm galvanized steel pipe, in line with international GB / T244-97 standards

    6, naughty fort protection network: high strength nylon rope machine weaving, high strength, good safety performance, in line with GB / T3091-2001 standards;

    7, the link: are ductile iron die-casting, with special high-strength anti-loose screws. Meet the B / T3091-2001 standard

    8, single wooden bridge: internal multi-layer board, tundish foam sponge (in line with GB6675-2003 standard), the outermost package imports super PVC horizontal Jingwei weaving flash leather, high strength, excellent safety performance;

    9, screws: high strength galvanized screws, with protective plastic cover environmental protection;

    10, mats: high-density EVA foam sponge, size 100 × 100 × 2cm, safety and environmental protection.