Brief Description Of Different Slides Material



Wooden combination slide

Wooden combination slide refers to the wood as the main structure, plastic parts as auxiliary parts, or all wood structure

1. Plastic parts: imported engineering plastics, infiltration of anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-decolorizing elements, strength, smooth surface; safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, easy to fade.

2, column: the use of imported African teak, the overall processing, the surface plus green varnish, the product surface smooth, anti-ultraviolet, colorful, easy to fall off.

3, the platform: the use of high-strength punching plate, with a special process to deal with the surface of micro-wave-like, safe and beautiful anti-skid good.

4, fasteners: fasteners with stainless steel screws, and buckle and column contact points to rubber pads, and machine-meter fastening; screws, but also enhance its safety.

Combination of slide metal structure, metal parts such as columns, platforms, stairs, handrails, climbing frame, fasteners, foot plate made of aluminum alloy casting, processed after rust, phosphating, surface treatment, and then use pure resin Electrostatic powder baking. Users recommend Spring and Autumn: 3-12 years old.

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Steel and steel combination slide

1 Material: GB steel iron, imported food grade plastic.

2 technology: iron products by rust-proof oil after the powder, the use of high-temperature electromagnetic paint technology, anti-rust performance is particularly strong, the game platform is full-chip carbon steel sheet stamping, the surface of the platform is covered for many years The worn-out hot-dip plastic protective layer, game rack slide and drill barrels are made of imported food-grade plastics made by advanced vacuum rotomoulding technology. They all contain anti-static and anti-UV components.

3 Features: According to the children's interests and hobbies carefully designed unique and ever-changing game content, fashionable and colorful, do not fade, durable, strong and solid

4 for lively occasions (parks, squares, supermarkets, kindergartens, etc.). The structure of the recreational facilities is safe and durable, its clever design, color harmony, the clever combination of various parts of plastic, can give children a safe, happy and lively feeling.

According to the material points: single glass just, double glass just children slide, wooden children slide, engineering plastic children slide, import engineering plastic children slide.