Chain Park Operation (4) Season Management

Chain park operation (4) Season management

 01 seasonal project

Through continuous analysis and analysis, the park's projects have also received seasonal heat effects, which have specific sales cycles and distinct peak seasons.

For example, the fish pond project in the park and the water world project are popular in summer. Parents and children interact with each other through water and fun, which both cool down and enhance parent-child relationship. However, in the winter, the revenue of these projects will be significantly reduced due to seasonal changes.

Therefore, by paying attention to seasonal changes and the impact of project revenues, it is possible to more clearly understand the reasons for the performance of the park project.

02 seasonal service

As mentioned above, learn to identify the seasonal business projects of the park and grasp the key points. The corresponding seasonal service must also keep up. One of the key points mentioned here is the training of personnel services for seasonal projects.

For example: the fish pond amusement project, because it is a real fish, so pay attention to the details of the service of the children in the process of fishing, the parent-child sister can guide the fish and fish together to increase the intimacy; can also play fishing game to increase the fun Sex; you can explain the life habits of small goldfish and increase your knowledge while fishing. Let parents feel the service professional and service features of the park, thus increasing customer stickiness.

Pay attention to the focus of seasonal services, from the fun of the project, to create a differentiated service for your park.

03 seasonal products

After doing the precise refinement of seasonal projects and seasonal services, let's think about what else can promote the performance of the season, that is, seasonal products.

For example: in the summer, the IP image of the water gun, the IP image of the small fan, the IP image of the mosquito repellent bracelet; in the winter, the main push IP image of the blankets, plush toys.

It is also a very good concept of seasonal income to make the paradise's products form a main push in the season.

Four core skills for seasonal management

1. Seasonal festival activities, such as:

You can do New Year's tickets red envelope activities, school season activities, Goddess Festival activities; summer fishing activities, summer activities, new semester start-up activities; Halloween sugar events, Thanksgiving egg-painting activities, Christmas New Year activities.

2, seasonal theme activities, such as:

We can plan some seasonal themed events, incorporate them into a visual and playable concept, and naturally cut the IP elements into seasonal events. Chain franchise stores can also carry out activities simultaneously through the simultaneous launch of stores across the country, so that customers can feel our overall sense of unity and special creation.

3. Seasonal landscape settings, such as:

In the off-season, we can bring customers a sense of freshness through seasonal landscape settings, so that visitors can stop and drain. For example, in the spring, with the theme of green growing in the spring, the atmosphere of the spring is added to the paradise. In the summer, the blue theme of the summer cooling and cooling is added, and the ice cream shape and the swimming circle shape that bring the cool feeling are added to the paradise. To decorate the park, the fall and winter also replace the landscape settings for seasonal scenes.

Maintaining a seasonal display change is a way to keep the paradise fresh and to be a drop-in strategy for the off-season.