Children Indoor Naughty Paradise Accident Emergency Handling Plan

Children indoor naughty paradise accident emergency handling plan

  Children's consumer market as a fragrant cake, has always been competing for the market, and now, children's indoor naughty Fort Park as a new industry is gradually being accepted by the market, many people choose to invest in naughty paradise Has gained huge wealth, the healthy growth of children is each of us are very concerned about, but often because of carelessness, the child will have an accident when playing, how can we prevent these accidents from happening?

First, emergency measures

  Personal accidents in the store by customers or employees, including accidental injuries, poisoning, and sudden syncope, shock, etc. due to personal health problems. When faced with such situations, we recommend the following measures:

1. Usually pay attention to training staff to learn such as CPR (artificial CPR) and other first aid skills in case of unexpected events can quickly respond.

(2) dealing with customers fall injury bruises need managers to come forward, follow the first treatment treatment guidelines; as a result of in-store facilities resulting in bleeding passengers should be accompanied to the hospital as soon as possible, according to the actual situation to be compensated.

3. Encounter guests sudden heart disease, heat stroke, fatigue and other fainted, the first time to call 120, if there is no professional skills do not blindly rescue; be sure to lay the patient first, do not move or Raised neck, this will hinder breathing.

Second, rides common faults

1. Suddenly shut down; 2. Mechanical rupture; 3. Fall at high altitude.

Third, the causes and prevention of failure

1. Amusement facilities and more by a combination of several systems, the cause of the malfunction is very complicated, mostly due to improper maintenance or not caused in time. Therefore, the prevention of failures focuses on strengthening routine maintenance and inspection on a regular basis.

2. Play the slide, the baby is best to wear the size fit coat outerwear, so as to avoid the clothing is too heavy and cause the balance to fall from the height.

3. try not to wear a coat to bring baby wearing a hat, not too long a scarf, so as to avoid obstruction caused by the baby eye injury or sprained.

4. Before entering the playground, carefully read the entry signs and instructions for use of various recreational facilities. Some playgrounds may prohibit over-age or under-height babies from entering the playground. Parents are best advised to comply.

Fourth, emergency points

1. In the process of playing physical discomfort, feel unbearable should promptly remind staff downtime.

2. Occurrence of abnormal circumstances downtime, do not easily disrupt and lift safety devices, should remain calm, obey the command of staff, waiting for rescue.

3. In emergencies such as accidental injuries, avoid panic, coax, crowded, should promptly organize personnel evacuation.

4. For outdoor playgrounds, according to the weather to choose the baby in play, once the weather is cold, it may be appropriate to shorten the time some.

5. For young children, parents should teach the proper use of baby rides, if possible, may wish to personally demonstrate.

6. If the playground does not allow adults into the house, then told the baby to consciously avoid the other baby's collision.

Five, expert tips

1. First play must first read the "Tourist Notes", listen to the staff to explain, master play points.

2. Any amusement facilities have corresponding safety protection devices. In the event of equipment failure, keep calm, obey the command and wait for rescue is the best choice for tourists. It can reduce the seriousness of the accident and even avoid personal injuries.

3. Whether it is slides or swing, we must let the baby learn to line up one by one, waiting patiently, rather than pushing each other.

4. Conditions permitting, may wish to double check the slide or other facilities surface whether foreign matter or nails and other protrusions.

5. If the baby wants to eat, it is best to temporarily leave the venue for the first time, to eat enough to re-admission after admission.

6. Played every family, told the baby once do not carry too many items, and pay attention in the course of the ground whether there are foreign bodies, such as the ocean ball.

Wenzhou KidsPlay Play Co. believes that running a children's playground is not just a lucrative undertaking but also a custody of children's safe and healthy play. Therefore, every responsible person who runs a children's paradise should take this responsibility and create for the children A good entertainment environment.

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