Children Naughty Castle Three Major Criteria For Playground Equipment

Children naughty castle three major criteria for playground

  With the continuous improvement of the equipment and technology produced at Happy Paradise Playground, the children's playground equipment produced by Happy Paradise has been improved by leaps and bounds. The new naughty Fort put into operation, for the major amusement park has brought considerable benefits. Happy playground equipment in the production planning, has always adhere to the people-oriented planning guidelines, safety first, entertainment second, so that children happy to learn the knowledge and healthy growth, while a high standard as a criterion. Happy park fun specific to introduce children's naughty fort play equipment production planning guidelines.

1. To pay the full guidelines

  Children are vulnerable groups that can be easily damaged, and safety issues must be given top priority in the planning of children's playground equipment. Children's activities should be located as far as possible away from the roadway and the surrounding environment is more messy, complex and mobility of large public places, and can not let the children's activities and the surrounding environment lost contact, into a visual dead zone in case of vehicles, illegitimate Children's blackmail. In addition, attention should also be paid to the safety of activity equipment and the safety planning of children's naughty pontoon play equipment, projections that can not present risks (such as nails and bolts), kneading points, sharp edges, sharp corners and It may catch the openings of children's heads and fingers to prevent accidental injury to children's activities



2. naughty Fort-based guidelines

  Happy Park Recreation Naughty Fort believes that planning should serve the children for the purpose of planning activities for all types of space and the placement of gaming facilities to meet the collective physical characteristics of children, activity standards For example, due to children's height and adult obvious distance, some adults can Easy to look past the barrier is usually completely block a 3-5 years old children's field of vision, and some suitable for adults to use tables and chairs completely inconvenient for children. Therefore, in planning for children, special attention must be paid to the eyesight and physical standards of children walking around in the venue, running, climbing and crawling.

3. Edutainment guidelines

  Taking into consideration the diversity of children's activities, planning should include participation in nature, diversity, common sense and interest in creating a relaxed, natural and fully functional place for children to be endowed with a necessary cultural inner environment The potential of "edutainment" allows children to add common sense to their play.

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