Children Need To Pay Attention When Playing The Slide

Children need to pay attention when playing the slide

  Slides for children a large toy, common in kindergartens, community, naughty Fort, play slide combination should pay attention to the following details, so as to avoid accidents:

1,clothes not too thin nor too thick. Because many slide surface is not very smooth, too thin clothes will scratch the baby. Too thick clothing will affect the ease of movement, in the climbing process is not safe.

2,clothes do not bring a rope or hard objects, brooches and so on. The clothes with the rope may cause the baby to suffocate by hitting the railings while playing. If you wear something like a big button with a hard object, you will be injured on the slide. As for the brooches, pins and other such things, but can not let the baby wear on the body or drag in the hand to play the slide.

3,do not ride without a registration card, and not marked safety precautions and warning signs children's slide;

4,before choosing children's slide for children, we must carefully look at the instructions for children's slide, check the safety device for the existence of faults or hidden dangers, ambulance measures are perfect, and to explain and remind the children.

5,according to the child's physical condition, choose the appropriate children's slide;

6,young children or children with acrophobia, heart disease, anemia, try not to use;

7,in the process of using the children's slide, do not let the children to leave, reverse play, or the head, hands and feet out of the fence;

8,in the event of failure of children's slides to remain calm, do not panic, protect children, notify the relevant unit staff for maintenance


  The benefits of playing a large combined slide for children are still many:

  1. To promote the baby's tactile development, let the baby play a wide range of slides in the process, experience the difference of tactile and promote tactile development.

2. Slide is the baby's first feeling of "speed". Different length, gradient slides to the baby to bring the speed of experience is different, most of the baby's feeling of speed comes from the process of playing the slide.

3. Exercise coordination, enhance physical control. From the slide process, the baby needs to master their balance and speed, has been the body's coordination exercise.

4. To promote the development of large-scale sports. The balance of the baby often play slide will be very good, good balance is the basis of athletic ability.


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