Children's Amusement Park Customization Process

Children's amusement park customization process


Indoor children's amusement park equipment which 1, the customer provides the site size map (available hand drawing, the best for the CAD map), as far as possible to provide detailed size (length, width, height, the middle of the column there is no column, if any There are pillars of the size of the pillars to the side of the distance, there is from where the access to children's playground, etc. These data can be marked on the floor plan.) Some equipment manufacturers are calculated by the square price, but the kind of with the design Are fixed, then there is no characteristics with the novel. We are based on the customer's site and requirements to do the design, each design is not the same. The price is cost-effective based on the amusement equipment included in the designed program. So the specific price to be designed after the operator can be considered. In addition we can also be based on the funds you invest in the design. 

Indoor children's amusement park equipment which 2, each manufacturer of the children's amusement park offer are different, and the quality of children's amusement park there are low, medium and high-end points, a sub-price goods. I hope that each customer should not only pay attention to the level of the price, according to their actual situation to choose your children's playground.

Indoor children's playground equipment which 3, we received the size map, the Division I professional designers to design the best and most reasonable effect of the program. 

4, the design is satisfactory, we will offer a price plan, the two sides reached an agreement after the agreement will be signed. 

5, equipment production is completed (15-20 days), the customer side to pay all the money, we will ship through the logistics, freight according to the actual number of calculation, after the goods to the customer to bear the payment. 

6, after the goods, we can send a professional installation of the master to the scene to install. And the use of guidance and related maintenance knowledge. But the cost of installing the master (tolls, installation fees and the installation of the master's accommodation are borne by the other side).