Children's Consumption Has Become A Market Trend To Naughty Fort Brought Business Opportunities

Children's consumption has become a market trend to naughty Fort brought business opportunities

  Why children's consumption has become a market trend to naughty fort industry has brought business opportunities?

  Usually, we can easily hear the assertion: that is the child's money and a woman's money is best to earn, where the naughty Fort family Xiaobian alone talk about making money for children.

  Due to the impact of the third peak of the birth rate from the 1980s to the 1990s, the number of women aged 20-29 in the fertile period gradually formed a small peak from 2010 to 2020. In other words, at the moment of fertility peak, "post-1980s" parents make up a larger share of the total social population.


  With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people, children have gradually become the core of every family. The all-round development of children has also become the top priority of every family. However, the general standard of living has been raised so that many families have enough time and money And energy into their children's education, entertainment go.

  In addition, another strong support for the "baby economy" is the unique family structure in our country. In turn, this family structure has also promoted the economic development of the baby.

  The growth of children's consumption in the proportion of household consumption has promoted the development of children's play industry. As one of the major development pillars, the development of children's naughty industry has seen more achievements in these years.

  "After 80" parents are generally higher education level, ability to accept new things stronger. Prefer to learn new things, spend more on their own ideas and pay more attention to the brand. Strong sense of investment for the next generation. Not only concerned about the child's present, but also worried about the child's future. Baby economy, children's consumption has gradually been welcomed by the market.

  Buy naughty fort on the election naughty fort home.

  Most of the children's parents have recognized the view that having fun in the naughty fortress not only meets the children's needs for new things and play, but also integrates them so that the children can have a full and enjoyable atmosphere development of. It is this transformation of the way of thinking has brought enormous business opportunities naughty Fort.

  At the same time, shopping mall children's playground can also play a role in stimulating consumption. With the parents and children getting more and more demanding for the indoor naughty mall, many qualified shopping malls are upgrading the indoor naughty fort. Is the venue, equipment are constantly enriched. Even a lot of newly-built large-scale shopping malls and shopping centers specially design large-scale venues for operating indoor naughty forts, of course, charging fees at the same time.

  With this step in development, the mall's indoor naughty fort is no longer just an area for childcare, but also a place of business for children's consumption. Businesses not only make money from this playground, but also attract the children through professional naughty forts to drive the popularity of the whole shopping mall, which in turn drives the overall shopping mall consumption.

  For example, the Naughty Fort home Xiaobian often hear a lot of parents say, and sometimes they do not have a shopping plan, had just taken the children to the mall indoor naughty fortress to play, but in the mall turn around to see like Or cheap goods will be bought.