Children's Entertainment Industry Is Currently One Of The Fastest Growing Industries

Children's entertainment industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries, East of great adventure playground equipment playground in the game designs, fully taking into account the nature of children and their body, scientific design, let children play more happy, more happy the more clever. After several years of steady development, East of great adventure play equipment has become the industry's authority children's garden.

Recalled 2015, East of amusement equipment big adventure success in Shanghai Securities Exchange listed, became first children theme paradise listed brand; Guangdong East of amusement equipment big adventure puzzle amusement equipment limited and Asia most success of commercial real estate operators Singapore Feng tree Group • International create wisdom Park common announced, both official signed became strategy cooperation partners; in 2015 China first entertainment theme commercial real estate development operation Forum Shang get "2014 China entertainment commercial Awards" and signed strategy cooperation partners; NET is contained in line with Baidu good find China project jointly organised by the business and traveling amusement equipment East of the entrepreneurial activity of the season officially big adventure playground into the public eye ... ... In 2016, we continue to maintain good relations of cooperation with the industry, will push forward the development of China's children's education, as well as make contribution to promoting the development of global industry.

Amusement equipment East of big adventure playground has been dedicated to children's indoor recreation industries, research and development, design, manufacture, sales, business as a whole, products using the international standard technology, brand protection, safe and reliable. East of playground equipment playground over the years focused on providing safe and happy play space for children, children's fun-loving nature and perfect fusion of science education, scientific design fun, fitness, parent-child interaction, child social activities into one. Entertaining way so that children are playing in a healthy growth.