Children's Paradise Business Skills

Children's Paradise Business Skills

Children's paradise is a playground for children. Many parents will take the children to the park during their leisure time. Many investors have discovered this business opportunity and have joined the industry. Children's parks are everywhere. However, the market demand is so big, how to stand out from it and make the park more popular requires some skills.

First, increase the number of customers coming to the park

Children have a big curiosity, the more novel the more they can attract the attention of children. The park's freshness is greatly reduced due to the limited space of the venue and the fixed amusement program. Under this circumstance, how can the park increase the frequency of customers' consumption in the park?

1. Regular free event events

Regular free events are held, and the reputation of parents and children is the most beneficial way to promote the park. Through the observation, play, and listening of the target customers, they will have a good impression on the park, thus generating continuous consumption behavior.

2. Individualized design according to different age groups

Understand the needs of children of different ages, and design the space and content of the park to suit their individuality. Actively carry out a variety of themed activities, continue to inject new and advanced technology into the construction of the park, and increase the immersive play experience of the scene, so as to extend their stay time and consumption frequency as much as possible.

Second, the development of children's paradise

A single children's paradise can no longer meet the children's personalized consumption needs, and diversified development is a major trend in the development of children's paradise. The diversified children's playground is not only to increase the area of the park. It is a strategic goal in the park operation to integrate children's and parents' consumption needs by integrating different formats.

1. Make a reasonable spatial layout

Selecting the amusement equipment that meets the market demand and high playability to make a reasonable combination and match to form a unified style. This combination is not only novel, peculiar, and comfortable, but also requires reasonable functions and regional distribution to drive the increase in traffic. If you combine a children's slide in a children's playground with interactive projection technology, the slides can change a variety of games, and children can interact with the projected game content.

2. Integration of industry chains in different industries

Children's Paradise wants to stand out from the crowd by integrating different industries to realize the development of the whole industry chain, tailoring the park to meet the consumption needs of children and parents, and to promote the development of children's playgrounds. For example, children's parks can cooperate with other areas of children's business, such as children's educational institutions, maternity stores, kindergartens, children's clothing stores, toy gift shops, and so on.

3. Add multi-scene interactive play experience

Transforming the previous single amusement project into an interactive space with interaction and scenes, adding multi-scene interactive play experience; designing games with children's favorite space, ocean, car and other themes to enhance consumer stickiness. You can also update some other fun rides from time to time.

Third, increase parent-child interaction projects

Parental companion consumption generated by parent-child interaction has become an important income for the park. Children's parks can no longer focus on children. Parents' needs and consumption are also very important. For example, parents and children can play games or activities together, so that adults and children can interact and experience more fun.

Of course, we also need to improve the quality of the service to meet the individual needs of the children's parents. Children's parks want long-term development, and quality service is essential.