Children's Paradise Is Open In These Places, Business Is Very Hot!

Children's paradise is open in these places, business is very hot!

If you open a children's playground, if you choose the right place to operate, it is difficult to make money. So, what are the better business venues? When it comes to the children's playground, most people think of supermarkets and shopping malls. It turns out that these places are indeed the best venue for a children's playground.

Shopping malls and supermarkets have undergone accurate market research and analysis on site selection, and they are basically in a relatively prosperous golden location. These places have convenient transportation and large passenger traffic. Children's parks are opened in these places, and the business is more secure, which greatly reduces the investment risk.

Excellent geographical location, large passenger flow, shopping malls and supermarkets have become a hot commodity in the investment community. It can be said that it is hard to find. In addition, the expensive rents of the land are also prohibitive for investors. Even if you know that these venues will eventually make money, the early rent pressure is not affordable for everyone.

So, apart from shopping malls and supermarkets, are there any other relatively good children's paradise venues? Of course there are.

High-end residential area

The general supporting facilities near the high-end residential area will be relatively complete, and there will be some basics. The children's playground is also an indispensable item. If you can rent a good location, the business is absolutely inferior.

On the one hand, these communities live in high-income families, and the functions of “sports and brains” are in line with their childcare needs. On the other hand, these places are more convenient. Children can play naughty castles in the community. It is safe and convenient. Which parents do not like it?

Near the development of high-rise residential areas

Generally, you need to stay in a part of the crowd, and there are quite a few children to choose from. There is room for development in such a place, and the flow of people after the check-in is quite large.

Large square or park

The traffic of such places is also quite large, and these venues seem to be reserved for children's parks. In addition to opening a children's paradise and dancing square dance, I can't think of other uses. Therefore, they can be used as the focus of the venue.

These venues are for individual operators. In fact, children's parks are also particularly suitable for kindergartens. Kindergarten is everywhere now, and private kindergartens are countless. The current situation is that most kindergartens have a slide as a place for children to play, all the same things, not too attractive.

If you install a children's playground in the kindergarten, although it doesn't cost much, it can make your kindergarten stand out and be different. It will naturally attract more children. This is also an important means of enrollment. Kindergartens can focus on Refer to the next.