Children's Playground Cannot Lack Hygiene Supervision

Children's playground cannot lack hygiene supervision

Nowadays, children's playgrounds of varying sizes can be found in large shopping malls or parks in the provincial capital. Those marine ball pools, naughty castles, slides, sand fields and other recreational facilities make children linger and become a good place for children to play during holidays.

However, the sanitary conditions of some children’s parks are very bad. Several parents who often take their children to the children’s park say that every time their children go to the children’s park, they will get dirty hands and clothes, even their faces. It will be covered with dust, especially in the naughty castle. In the children’s playground on the top floor of a supermarket, as it sells cold drinks and other food at the same time, some children eat and play, throw some cold drinks and food in the playground, and some children who are too young will urinate at will in the playground, no wonder Many parents will smell a smell when they take their children to play. The children's playground set up in the park, because it is set up in the open air, will be dusty in wind and rain. In many children’s parks, there is no warning sign of “No entry for sick children”. Due to the relative concentration of children in children’s parks, especially in the children’s parks set up in supermarkets, the entry of sick children will not only affect their own health, but also Will infect other children.

The hygiene of the children's playground should be supervised, especially in the naughty castle. Most of the children’s playgrounds are located on floors and venues with dense crowds. Therefore, poor air circulation will cause serious excess of microorganisms in the air. As the temperature rises in summer, germs and viruses will become more active. Therefore, children’s playgrounds can easily become The place where the disease spreads. However, enteritis and skin diseases are more likely to cause transmission. Therefore, parents should take their children to play in a children’s playground with better sanitary conditions and good air circulation. As a park operator, they should also try their best to disinfect regularly to ensure that the environment is ventilated and clean.