Children's Playground Equipment Manufacturers Should Practice Emphasis Is What?

Children's playground equipment manufacturers should practice emphasis is what? Taking into account the diversity of activities a child needs, children's play equipment plans should integrate participatory, diversity, knowledge and interest in one, invention for children easily and completely natural, function venues, and is assigned to a certain civilization and environmental "edutainment" potential effect, let the children play in the growth of common sense.

(1) rules of

Vulnerable group of children are extremely vulnerable to injury, and in the planning of children's naughty playground equipment must put safety first. Places for children site should as far as possible away from the roadway and the surroundings more clutter chaos, personnel mobility in public places and not places for children lose contact with the surrounding environment, Visual corner, in case the vehicle, unlawful threat towards children. In addition to attention to activities the safety and naughty children's play equipment detail planning of security cannot be rendered dangerous projections (such as nails and bolts, etc), kneading, sharp edge, sharp corners and children head and stuck a finger hole, to activities aimed at preventing child accidents injury

(2) in child-oriented guidelines

Naughty Fort thought planning should to service children for purposes, various activities space of planning and game equipment of placed to fit children collective of body features, and activities standard, for example, because children height and adult has explicit with of gap, some adults can easily see past of barrier often completely blocked a 3---5 age children of vision, and some for adult using of chairs on children for completely not convenient. Thus, in planning for children, it is necessary to pay special attention to children in the activities in the walk, run, climb and crawl eyes vision and physical standards.