Children Slide Should Be Used In The Process Of Attention

Children slide should be used in the process of attention

Children slide is the kindergarten children's most popular toys, then the children playing kindergarten slide process will inevitably encounter bumps, for everyone's safety in the use of kindergarten children slide should pay attention to the following points:

1, in the sliding section of the slide, one should be only one child, do not let the children a group of land to slide, so as not to crush.

2, children should be the foot down, and the upper body to keep upright, never let the child head down, or the belly down sideways down.

3, children are playing slides when the step should be step by step, while hand railings, so climb the top of the slide. Should not climb up from the slide.

4, let the children slide down before the first to see if the bottom of the slide is empty, there are no other children sitting there, when the children slide down from the slide, it should immediately get up, leave the slide for the back of the child Make vacations.

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