【China Toy Show】 League Certification Of No Powered Slides And Swing Product, Promulgated And Implemented


China International Toys and educational equipment exhibition and China International Baby products exhibition were held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center in from October 19th to 21st. As an ideal platform for international brands to open up China and even to Asia, it has attracted nearly 1700 toys and baby manufacturers from more than 30 countries and regions worldwide, and 20 major brands in the world, with more than 2000 brands this year. China Toy Fair and baby show, relying on 15 years of accumulation, with "the most complete production area, exhibits the most complete category" and famous.

In October 20th, China Association of toys and baby products (hereinafter referred to as the Association) held a press conference in Shanghai, released "non powered amusement product alliance Certification Rules", for children without power slides and swings products alliance certification (hereinafter referred to as the union, related certification) certification bodies, inspection institutions, enterprises and media representatives the meeting. The certification Supervision Department of the State Administration of supervision and the head of the research and Development Center for educational equipment of the Ministry of education attended and spoke at the meeting. The content of the speech mainly includes four aspects:

1. alliance certification is essential to ensure the quality and safety of children's slides and swing products in kindergartens and public places.

Children slide and swing products standards for recommended national standards, some emerging enterprises do not understand the standards, some enterprises quality and safety awareness is weak, even if the standard is not understood, non-standard production. The specificity of the product led to a considerable number of products not in accordance with the standards of the whole test, the factory. The main user of the product is not the direct purchaser of the product, which provides an opportunity for some illegal enterprises. More importantly, quality supervision departments supervise product production links, due to product sampling difficulties, testing difficulties, higher detection fees, the implementation of regulatory difficulties.

2., the core of the "no power recreational products alliance Certification Rules" is to ensure product safety continuously.

The League certification of non powered recreational products is based on the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the state. According to the characteristics of product quality and safety supervision, voluntary product certification is implemented according to the unified certification rules of the alliance. Take type test + initial factory inspection + supervision after certification, not only for product quality requirements, but also the factory's continuous quality assurance capabilities put forward specific requirements. Type test to ensure product quality up to standard. Evaluate factory quality assurance capability with initial plant inspection. Strict supervision after certification to ensure product consistency.

3., the association led the establishment of supervision and management mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness of the certification results of the alliance.

China Association of toys and baby products as the lead unit alliance certification, responsible for the organization to carry out certification technology updates, certification of the effectiveness of supervision and certification mark issued security certification, scientific, open and fair, standardized, sustainable development.

4., promote the government, industry and society to adopt, create a fair market competition environment, and protect the safety of children's lives.

The use of the alliance certification certificate and the alliance certification mark can be used as an effective basis for the government bidding. When purchasing products from private kindergartens, communities and amusement parks, priority shall be given to the products that are certified and affixed with certification marks.

Non power type amusement product alliance certification mark:


Voluntary alliance certification is different from the mandatory certification, China Association of toys and baby products will be the same as the certification, inspection agencies and enterprises, joint guarantee certificate of gold, actively urged the government to continue to carry out to promote the credibility of certification, in line with the government to protect children's lives.