Chinese Students Invented A Slide To Save Millions Of Lives

Chinese students invented a slide to save millions of lives

Prices are getting more expensive, the higher the building, the higher level has brought a lot of problems.

Such as the elevator to work, more bad is the fire.

Not long ago, there was a fire in a 20-storey apartment building in London, England.

Eventually caused more than 80 people were killed!

The ordinary fire ladder can only carry 3-5 people, slow and low efficiency, simply can not cope with the sudden large-scale high-level fire.

One from China after 90, invented a device, the perfect solution to this problem!

Fan Shizhong, a graduate student from Hunan University School of Design Arts

Like car design, through a variety of technology, check, institutional combination, 2 years to complete the design!

Has won the red dot, IF, Core77 and other 12 international awards!

  It is life slide -Life Slide

This slide combines the concept of lifting machinery, rescue ladder and slide, using a three-stage structure.

Under normal conditions -

After the elongation deformation -

Through the three-stage hydraulic cylinder adjustment, you can live to the window of life to escape the window!

And the victims can play like a slide, call out to slide down ~

Highly efficient action!

In addition, the surface of the slide coated with a layer of high temperature aerospace insulation coating.

The top there is a smoke can stop the exhaust device to prevent the smoke choked.

At the same time, but also to break the windows, deep into the room, greatly improving the efficiency of the rescue.

Even more amazing is that each section of the connection has a buffer area, firefighters can stand above to guide and help others.

Fan Shizhong has also become a 15-year "Forbes" "China's most development potential designer" list, the only student representatives and the youngest winners.

Of course, success is not easy.

Fan Shizhong often in the early days of the visit to Changsha fire special squadron, observe the officers and men of the fire drill. After two years of unremitting efforts, life slide design is finally completed.

Hope can be an early mass production.