Clean Play Equipment Has A Coup

                                                            Clean play equipment has a coup
   Operating amusement equipment must ensure safety and hygiene. Children’s self-control ability and self-care ability are poor. It is also inevitable to make the amusement equipment dirty, so the cleaning and repair of the equipment is a very important item for the daily maintenance of amusement equipment and playgrounds. . Because it is a prerequisite for ensuring the safety of children in activities, and it is also a standard for the long-term operation of the operator. However, in daily operations, cleaning of amusement equipment is a problem faced by many operators. Many people find it difficult to clean amusement equipment, and may not have mastered the correct method. The following aspects are for your reference.
First of all, there are simple cleaning and complex cleaning for equipment cleaning. Simple cleaning involves putting some toys in 1:99 diluted household bleach for 30 minutes, and then cleaning with clean water.

The steps of complex cleaning are as follows:

(1) First rinse and wipe with flowing water to remove dirt attached to the surface of the amusement equipment;

(2) Scrub with a special disinfectant to kill possible infectious germs;

(3) Wash and wipe with clean running water again to remove disinfectant;

(4) Ultraviolet penetrating sterilization for 10-20 minutes.

Secondly, for the cleaning of some large equipment, it is necessary to scrub with a special disinfectant to keep it hygienic and clean. If you want to maintain the life of toys of different types and materials, and ensure the health and safety of customers when using them, the cleaning and maintenance of equipment is extremely important. Zhejiang Feiyou will introduce the classification and cleaning methods of other amusement equipment for you:

(1) Cloth toys: Cloth dolls, cloth books and other cloth toys can be washed according to the cleaning method on the package, and regularly cleaned.

(2) Plastic toys: Sterilization and cleaning methods that can be soaked in clean water or diluted with solvents and tablets to ensure the cleanliness of toys.

(3) Fluffy toys: You can choose to send them to the laundry for dry cleaning or self-cleaning. Self-cleaning can be divided into layered cleaning or overall cleaning. Layered cleaning is to take out the cotton inside the filled toy and clean it separately from the outer skin. To find the layered cleaning, first find out the seam of the cotton filling mouth of the toy, then carefully cut it out, take out the cotton and wash it. The overall cleaning is to throw the whole stuffed toy into the washing machine or soap and scrub.

(4) Wooden toys: Because wooden materials absorb water and are prone to borers, these toys are not washable, and it is best to expose them to frequent sun exposure.

(5) Electronic toys: These toys cannot be cleaned, and can only be wiped with a clean cloth dampened with water.

In summary, for amusement equipment, whether it is indoor or outdoor operation, it must be kept clean and hygienic. Only by mastering the correct cleaning and maintenance skills can the equipment be operated normally and healthily.