Combination Slide Design Builds Fine Products

                                             Combination slide design builds fine products

   Combination slides strictly follow the principle of ergonomics in size, match the height of the human body, and combine with children's age and body shape to benefit their healthy growth. Generally, when designing, the inclination angle of the kindergarten combination slide climbing ladder frame is about 70°, the width is 40cm, the ladder is 6cm high, and there are handrails on both sides. The inclination angle of the skateboard is 30°-35°, the width is 40cm, and the straight edges on both sides are 18cm, which is convenient for children to brake with their feet.

   The finished composite skateboard and the self-made outdoor slide for kindergarten should be covered with a rubber pad with a thickness of not less than 3cm or sand with a thickness of 40cm or more on the lower part of the ladder to prevent children from falling and being injured. The latest combination slide speed curve principle, there are two types of slide slides, straight and curved, and its sliding surface is a spiral line.

    Assuming that the height of the two slides is the same, when two children with exactly the same weight slide down from the top of the slide at the same time, it is not the child on the straight skateboard that reaches the ground first, but the child on the revolver slide. The reason why children can slide on the slide is because of gravity. When the slope of the skateboard surface is different, the gravity component force received in the sliding direction is also different. The greater the gravity component, the greater the acceleration of the slide, and the faster the speed increase. Sliding down a straight slide, the acceleration of the descent remains unchanged and the speed increases steadily. When sliding down the wheel slide, the slope of the skateboard in the first section is very large, so that the sliding children can obtain a very high speed in a very short time. Although, in the second half of the decline, the slope gradually decreases and the speed increases slowly, but the speed of the decline at this time has become very large. Therefore, the average speed of the slide along the surface of the wheel line is very high during the entire descent stage. Even if the length of the skateboard of the helix slide is longer than the length of the straight skateboard, the time for sliding down the helix slide is shorter than that of the straight slide. This has been proven in mathematics and physics. That is, under the same conditions at the same height, the time to slide down the wheel line is the shortest.