Common Faults And Solutions In The Running Of Horses

Common faults and solutions in the running of horses

The gorgeous horses are one of the most eye-catching amusement equipment in the playgrounds, indoor parks, parks, etc. The elegant experience of horse racing is the most tempting place to ride horses. Trojan horses often turn, it means that the amusement equipment customers often earn, and once the horse does not work, it will seriously affect the interests of the operators.

When the horse is faulty, it should be repaired immediately. However, if the professional repairs it, it may waste a lot of time and energy to affect the operation. Below, introduce some simple treatment methods, which can solve the common problems in the horse running. malfunction.

Fault 1: The horse can't start

1. Check if the electric control cabinet and the line are faulty. Can not start first to check whether the electric control cabinet works, first check whether the power indicator of the electric control cabinet is lit. When the indicator light is on, it indicates that the power supply is connected to the electric control cabinet. The indicator is not bright. There is no problem of disconnection and short circuit on the line connecting the power supply to the electric control cabinet. If so, reconnect or replace the line. If there is no problem, then open the electric control cabinet to check whether the relay knife is closed, whether the fuse is blown or not, and if so, close and replace. If the fault persists, check whether the circuit of the electric control cabinet is connected to the conductive ring of the horse. Is there any disconnection (the position of the conductive ring is at the middle of the rotating horse), whether there is any disconnection of the conductive ring to the motor, and if so, reconnect or replace line. Check the contact between the conductive ring and the carbon brush for dust and poor contact. If it can be pressed with a screwdriver for a few times.

2. Check the motor fault again. If the electric control cabinet and the line are not faulty or the fault is still not activated, it is necessary to check whether the motor is faulty. Remove the belt on the motor pulley, start the power button on the electric control cabinet, and then see if the motor works or not. The motor is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Fault 2: Difficult to start the horse

1. The problem of over-tightening of the bearing. Such failures generally occur in the case of new horses, which can be adjusted with a wrench, and the tightness is moderate, and the effect of adding lubricating oil is better.

2. The problem of unstable or too low voltage. Many equipments have difficulty starting or failing to start because of voltage instability or low voltage, mainly due to excessive voltage load in the vicinity. This phenomenon is especially noticeable in summer. The way to check is to press the start button of the electric control cabinet to check if the voltmeter is normal. The solution is to replace the larger squared power cord or replace the line access point. The most direct but not effective way is to press the start button of the electric control cabinet, and then find two people to push the market to see if it can work normally.

3. The problem of the loosening of the triangle. If the V-belt is loose, you can adjust the distance between the motor and the pulley or replace the new V-belt of the same model.

Fault 3: The horse is shaking and the noise is too loud

1. China Amusement Equipment Information Network reminds you that this is caused by the unstable operation of the market. It can check whether the tire is leaking or the air pressure is insufficient. If it leaks, it should be replaced or repaired. If the air pressure is not enough, the tire can be inflated. Generally three half-pressure can be.

2. Due to the increased friction between the transmission part and the bearing, add lubricating oil.

Fault 4: Close the power switch, the three-phase indicator is not lit or not all

When the above situation occurs, it means that the indicator light of the horse is blown out. The solution is very simple. It only needs to replace the indicator light or replace the fuse.

Fault 5: Press the light start button contactor to pull in, but the light appears one way or several times does not light up

If the above phenomenon occurs in the horse, the fuse on the light control board is blown, which requires replacement of the same type of fuse. After the replacement, the problem was solved smoothly.

China Amusement Equipment Information Network reminds the majority of operators that if there is such a problem in your transfer facility, please follow the above tips. In daily operation, you must do the routine maintenance and management of the amusement equipment, and the malfunction of the amusement equipment. The problem should be dealt with in time.