Common Puzzles For Outdoor Fitness Equipment Exercise

                         Common puzzles for outdoor fitness equipment exercise




Can I lose weight anywhere?

Fitness can reduce body fat, but it can't control which part of the body loses fat. An experiment has been published in relevant U.S. journals. 11 subjects continued to exercise only one of their feet. As a result, after 12 weeks, the subjects consumed the same amount of fat as the other foot. , And the thinnest place is actually the belly!

Can I exercise on an empty stomach?

Northumbria University has made a new discovery in an experiment: 12 male subjects started running in the early morning, some of them started running on an empty stomach, and some of them ran for breakfast before running. As a result, they will become hungry or eat more food later, and consume 20% more calories than those who have eaten breakfast. But special attention is that moisture is still an indispensable necessity before exercise.


Is it that the more you exercise, the more you lose weight?

Sports psychologists say that some fatigue during exercise is normal, but if you start with soreness or localized pain, then you must stop and rest for a while. If you have just done a new set of exercise training and exercise to the muscle groups that are not usually trained, then it is normal to feel soreness 24 to 72 hours after exercise. Be careful. If you use the wrong method, you will not lose weight. You may also be injured.

Need to fully stretch before exercising?

The whole set of stretching movements will reduce your muscle endurance and make your muscles weaker and unstable. The latest experiment found that the test subjects did two sets of stretching movements before exercise, some of them only did some simple and effortless movements, and the other part did a complete set of stretching. People who exercise tend to have more endurance and muscle stability than those who are fully stretched. Warming up before exercise is more important than stretching. Stretching before exercise may cause sports injury.