Difference Between Indoor Climbing Wall And Outdoor Climbing Wall

                                Difference between indoor climbing wall and outdoor climbing wall
Climbing wall is one of the more common extension training equipment. Common forms include high-altitude climbing projects combining outdoor climbing walls and polyhedrons, single or multiple climbing walls, international competition standard speed road climbing, indoor climbing halls, Children's climbing wall, artificial rock climbing and more in the villa. So before the climbing wall is installed, many people will be tempted to choose indoor or outdoor climbing wall. Xiaobian to break down in detail for everyone:

First, the geographical location of the climbing wall

The indoor rock climbing hall can be selected in the urban area. The time for customers to experience rock climbing is not limited. The time for office workers, residents, or fitness enthusiasts around the rock climbing hall is more free. You can choose a short time of several hours Exercise without taking too much time on the road.

Outdoor climbing walls are mostly in parks, expansion bases and other places. Most outdoor climbing projects are in the suburbs and are subject to site restrictions. If you want to carry out a climbing project, you need a whole day to do the climbing plan.

Technical difficulty requirements of climbing wall

Technically, indoor climbing walls have limited height, so they are mostly exercise-based.

The outdoor climbing wall is unlimited in height, you can choose multiple tracks and difficult tracks, and further improve the skills of climbers.

Third, climbing equipment

In terms of climbing equipment, both need a lot of common equipment, such as high-altitude descenders, safety belts, safety ropes, master locks and other safety equipment. Whether climbing indoors or outdoors, safety precautions must be taken, and safety equipment is essential!