Engineering Plastic Children Slide / Knowing New Children Slide

Child Slide Introduction:

It combines fitness and entertainment as one, according to the children's interests and hobbies carefully designed a variety of different styles, is a new, comprehensive strong children's paradise. Is designed for children like to drill, climb, slide and other characteristics of the design, colorful, entertaining, functional, reliable quality. The facilities include a door, a bridge, a chute, a ladder, a ladder, a handrail, a platen, a pillar, a slide, a climbing pipe, and a rope net; a kindergarten slide is connected with a fastener without any sharp objects Out, each part has a number of models and a variety of color options; can also be based on customer needs for personalized design, production. This product is colorful, easy to fade, high strength, anti-static, wear, fastness, anti-aging, anti-cracking, safe and durable structure, the combination of clever design, color harmony, the various components of plastic clever combination of children's play equipment To bring the child a safe, happy and lively feeling.

Children's slide products from the unique and ever-changing game design, so that the construction of playgrounds, kindergarten, community in a limited space to create unlimited joy and attraction, fashion style, generous, high-end.

The new slides, from the column, fasteners to the top of the column are made of aluminum alloy, durable and durable. Strong anti-rust performance. The surface is more colorful electrostatic spray, anti-UV, long-term use can also maintain excellent stability effect.

Children slide classification:

According to the material points: single glass just, double glass just children slide, wooden children slide, engineering plastic children slide, import engineering plastic children slide.

According to the use of points: indoor slides, outdoor slides.

Children slide parts nature:

Top and baffle and slides ---- use of imported engineering plastics, infiltration of anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-static agent and anti-decolorizing elements, strength, smooth surface, good flexibility, safety and environmental protection, weather resistance is good, do not fade.

Steel parts ---- column with galvanized steel pipe, no rust, sandblasting rust, throwing sand, the surface with the United States DuPont plastic powder by double-layer spray treatment, 180 degrees high temperature curing, anti-ultraviolet.

Wood parts ---- the use of high-quality imported eucalyptus wood, hard wood, dry performance, water resistance, easy to wear, easy to crack, not easy to deformation.

Rope-type components ---- use of marine marine cable, durable, safe and reliable.