Enjoy Your Time

Every holiday and weekend, the children like to go to the playground. Although the playground is the favorite place for children and the most prone to accidents, parents should take their children to the playground. The following safety hazards must be taken into consideration:

Inflatable castle

Hidden dangers: unstable brackets, crowded collisions, high drops, etc.

There are many people in the playground, and there are many people in the equipment. Sometimes the equipment is not fixed or loosened after repeated use. When it is strong, it is easy to cause severe shaking or even being scraped away, which may cause injury to the child.

Help the mother to remind: 1, before entering the inflatable castle game, parents should first check whether the inflatable equipment is safe, whether it is fixed.

2, do not let the baby play when there are many people, tell the baby not to play on the inflatable castle.

3. When entering the bouncy castle, remove the sharp objects and cords on your body.

4. Don't let your baby jump on the edge of a bouncy castle.