Evolution Of Player Demand And Park Response Mechanism

Evolution of player demand and park response mechanism

After the downturn in 2018, the amusement market has shown signs of recovery in early 2019. The new store plan that was delayed in the previous year is also in the process of preparation. The return of consumption power is a major factor in the industry's return to spring.

It is worth noting that there are more and more paradise parks. Traditional children's playgrounds and adult venues have gradually transformed into a comprehensive paradise and joined the parent-child entertainment project. More than 300 million parent-child users market, let the park use parent-child powder to become a common means.

From 35% to 54%, the parent-child consumer market has already divided up half of the world. Adults who used to go to the store alone have also drawn a part of it and are included in the parent-child family camp. The 2017 Internet Consumer Insight Report shows that married consumers feel deeper in the family scene. The customer unit price in the household scene consumption field is significantly higher than that of the unmarried user. The change of status has become an important factor affecting the consumption power of parent-child entertainment.

Looking back at the 300 million parent-child family consumption training, I have also experienced three stages:

The first stage: watching children play

The children’s facilities such as Naughty Fort are represented, and the parents watch the children play. The children piled up their games and the parents were very bored. They played with the mobile phone or chatted with the parents next door, but the mobile phone was easy to run out of power, and they couldn’t talk to others, or bored.

Simply put, you can only watch children play.

The second stage: take the child to play

The park gradually realized that parents should not be bored, and they should be given something to do and pass the time. Therefore, the intimate paradise began to provide supporting services.

One is to provide chargers, books and other materials, so that parents can rest assured to play mobile phones, read books, so that children play while, parents are also playing.

The other is to add some very cute and eye-catching children's machines. The children are curious to play. Parents should first teach the children how to play, take the children to find the game skills, and then let the children play.

The third stage: playing with children

Up to now, we have more to let parents and children play together, to participate in the joy of entertainment, to create a scene experience parent-child mutual entertainment space.

The "post-90s" with modern and young labels have also begun to become parents, and the parent-child mutual entertainment market is about to usher in a new pattern. Immersive situational experience is undoubtedly a strategic direction to capture family and family.

With more than 300 million consumer markets, it is natural for the park to constantly adjust its model and establish an effective operating mechanism to attract customers. Look for new breakthrough points, play "parent cards", from the perspective of parent-child education, parent-child companionship and parent-child relationship, help to establish a family scene consumer paradise of "one is a child."