Factors Affecting The Quality Of Children's Expansion Equipment

                         Factors affecting the quality of children's expansion equipment
High-quality children's expansion equipment should have the following characteristics:

1. The expansion equipment should be disassembled and movable without on-site welding, and the steel frame body should be connected by flanges, with inclined ladders, and the components should have satisfactory strength on the whole, without significant swing, permanent deformation and damage. , All steel wire ropes used for carrying the project are made of polypropylene outer steel wire ropes. This rope has the safety strength of steel wire ropes and also has safety protection specifications for amusement devices. The world’s most advanced steel wire ropes are used to restrict the connection of metal joints; all equipment is purely mechanical operation, no need Hydropower support.

2. Security system design, the expansion equipment should choose the trajectory system to protect the recreational personnel in a circular manner. The project can be operated successively, without one-to-one security personnel, and the equipment can be operated by multiple people to maximize the satisfaction of the entertainment needs.

3. Equipped with safety equipment. The safety equipment selects the professional equipment for outdoor climbing. Each set of safety equipment includes: 1 set of full body safety belt, 1 active steel lock, 1 adjusting rope, 1 helmet, and 1 adapter.

4. There are trained and qualified security personnel on site.

5. Commercial safety liability insurance is provided on site.