Factory Direct Sales Will Become A New Trend In Retail

  Factory direct sales will become a new trend in retail

In the sales list of this year's mainstream e-commerce platform shopping festival, the results of the factory direct sales or C2M (Customer-to-Manufacturer abbreviation, meaning user direct manufacturing) model are mentioned invariably. Why is this model emphasized? Looking back at the layout of e-commerce giants in 2019, it can be seen that C2M and factory direct sales models have become important measures for e-commerce giants to sink the market and gain more traffic. From the results of this year, the C2M model has proven to be feasible.

The C2M model was proposed and implemented by the industry as early as 2013. The C2M model is a new type of e-commerce model based on the development of the Internet. It is also called a reverse customization model (by gathering a large number of users and purchasing from merchants). In the C2M model, the e-commerce platform analyzes consumer shopping needs based on big data, such as what features the product needs, what range of price to control, quality requirements, how much demand and so on. The e-commerce platform collects the data and feeds it back to the factory. The factory then customizes quantitative production according to consumer needs. After leaving the factory, the product will be sold on the corresponding e-commerce platform, and the e-commerce platform will also accurately target consumers based on product characteristics. It should be emphasized that the C2M model belongs to the reverse customization model, but selling in the form of pre-sale is just one form of this model operation. And this model does not precisely meet all the needs of a certain consumer, but meets the key needs of consumers targeted for data analysis.