Four Strategies For Children's Naughty Castle Market


Children's naughty Fort now aroused widespread concern in society, children's naughty fort can bring happiness to children, but also can train children, expand intelligence, welcomed by parents and children. Children operating naughty Fort manufacturers more and more, engaged in this industry, profits also have tips in this industry.

Children's naughty fort to do the most important conditions, in addition to start-up funds, it is geographical position. Location selected half of success, it is recommended to choose in the large high-quality residential or surrounding, so convenient guests. There is a naughty fort in our district. The business is very good. Mainly young couples, more children, age is not large, usually busy work, only work with children out to play, in addition to visiting the District, shopping, that is, to play naughty fort.

First of all, you want to confirm the situation of your site, it is recommended that the pavement in the 150 square -400 leveling is appropriate, and then to assess the site site investigation:

1, investigate the popularity of naughty children around the fort

2, assess the environment around the park, how many people can cover the crowd.

3, children's naughty Fort potential customer base? The number of times the target audience sees the park. Whether there is a cyclical peak, the turnover of the day is equivalent to the normal operation of the park about fifteen days of turnover.

4, the surrounding other paradise competitors operating operations, as well as their own advantages?

Children's naughty Fort management strategy:

1., single charge is more expensive, for membership cards, a one-time payment of many times, you can discount a lot, so that funds will be returned quickly.

2. decoration is a little investment, make the door sign eye-catching beautiful, to impress potential customers. Air conditioning, what is also installed, so that guests comfortable.

3. can organize some children's activities regularly to help parents take care of children in the short term.

4., with some children's food, beverages, toys sold together, increase revenue.  Naughty castle price.