How Do You Tell The Children's Play Equipment Manufacturers Offer

How do you tell the children's play equipment manufacturers propose, is simply a paradise playground for children, so that heaven is perfect, then, for recreation facilities requirements are very strict.

1, judge children's play equipment manufacturers is standard:

① to confess to license to a local business website enterprise information, confessed to scope a bar is not a "production, research and development", if there is no will definitely be a selling company.

② after judge license to production companies, to see if there is evidence of the company, especially Alibaba shop taobaoC shop Taobao Mall store may store. (Taobao Mall's flagship store can not, as the flagship store of Alipay account bound to a company bank account, so in that sense, as long as the company itself to open flagship store. )

2, children amusement equipment products quality is not qualified:

① standard manufacturer product quality, safety and environmental standards certification.

Second, the quality can be obtained from the use of materials, workmanship, material to the resolution is not toxic and is harmful to children, such as thinking, second thoughts of the same material and the same work products offer.