How To Build And Operate A Water Park? Water Park Slide

How to build and operate a water park? Water park slide

1. Unbalanced regional development

my country has the most water parks in the south and east, especially in the Yangtze River Delta. The competition for water parks has intensified. There are three to four cities in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, and Changzhou, or even more. The water park is open seasonally. Its visitors have a certain area coverage. The resident population is an important customer group, and the surrounding cities are supplementary customers, so its geographical limitations are relatively strong. Tourists usually go to local water parks on weekends, and rarely go to water parks in other places, so pay attention to the revisit rate of tourists. In addition, in the absence of constant temperature equipment or hot spring resources, water parks are more affected by seasonality, so the pressure on investment recovery is relatively high.

2. Short operating cycle and difficult cost recovery

For example, the real prime time for outdoor water parks in Shanghai is July and August. In such a short time and with such a large investment, it is more difficult to recover costs. In addition, the equipment maintenance investment is relatively large. After some water parks are closed, the staff are suspended from work. It is difficult to ensure that the water amusement facilities are in good condition in the coming year. In the event of an operational accident, the operator will bear a great deal of risk. Therefore, the investment and management of the non-operating season are also part of the cost

3. Single profit model, resulting in inflated ticket prices

At present, the secondary consumption of domestic water parks accounts for a relatively low proportion. One of the reasons is that there is insufficient attention to derivative secondary consumption, and tickets are the main source of income. Of course, there are also some secondary consumption, such as the leasing of lockers and kayaks, which are relatively single and bundled, which often causes psychological unpleasantness to consumers. Because the one-time investment is relatively high, many parks often set a relatively high ticket price in order to recover the investment, without considering the local consumption power and consumption habits. On the other hand, the competition is so fierce, there is a serious lack of creativity, the homogeneity of the project is serious, and there is no characteristic, everyone is converging.