How To Buy A Bouncy Castle Correctly? How To Buy A Bouncy Castle Without Being Fooled?

How to buy a bouncy castle correctly? 

How to buy a bouncy castle without being fooled?

In recent years, the bouncy castle has been loved by children, and its portability of mobile operation has made investors keen. However, many people are guilty of buying inflatable castles. Do you want to buy a bouncy castle correctly? Are you being fooled? China Amusement Equipment Information Network introduces you to the correct purchase method for children's inflatable castles, saying no to Fudge!

 First, tailor-made: combined with their own investment capabilities, operating area and space height, feedback information to the inflatable castle manufacturer. Be sure to determine the area (length, width, and height) of your site, and make a tailor-made purchase.

  Second, the style is supreme: the choice of inflatable castle products must be prejudgic or popular. For children, the beautiful appearance, novel style, colorful colors, etc., in line with the children's aesthetic needs can attract children, business will it is good. For example, products designed with children's favorite cartoons, children must especially like it. The current popular is generally the best choice, such as this year's bear out of the series products. At this time, I will go to buy any Pleasant Goat Grey Wolf that may fail at the starting point.

  Third, the truth is true: If you want to attract customers for a long time, you must let customers believe in your products. It is essential to ensure the safe and normal operation of the inflator. If the user has problems while playing in your device, the results can be imagined. This requires us to polish our eyes when screening products:

    The first trick is to touch by hand: most of the children's inflatable castles are handmade, so the smoother the surface of the toy, the finer the work. Parents should choose a sleek, burr-free inflatable castle toy to prevent the baby from getting stuck in the game. At the same time, the different sides of the children's inflatable castle need to be cut, so it is inevitable that sharp corners (such as square corners) will be produced in the cutting. Therefore, the children's inflatable castle needs "chamfering" in the process of production to solve the Cassia inflatable beach pool. Sharp questions at each corner.

    The second trick is to smell the nose: the general children's inflatable castle has more or less the taste of the wood itself. If the taste is too strong, the toy is too tight or the paint on the surface of the toy is problematic. If the plastic is too strict and the toy has a taste, you only need to put the toy in a cool, ventilated place for 2 to 3 days to solve the taste problem. Under normal circumstances, as long as the inflatable toys purchased by regular channels, the paint on the surface of the toy should be no problem. Toy paints should be non-toxic and harmless toy-specific paints, but there are also some inferior manufacturers who use the gas-filled castles to produce poisonous paints with low prices in spite of child safety. These poisonous paints contain a large amount of paint. Excess lead and benzene.

  Fourth, the production qualification: inflatable castles, such products, as many as tens of thousands of tens of thousands of investments must go to the factory site inspection. If a manufacturer does not have production qualifications and does not have the corresponding document procedures, then the inflatable equipment you purchased is a product without an "ID card" and the quality is not guaranteed. Through the visit to the factory, learn about the materials used in the production of the products and the processes used. China Amusement Equipment Information Network reminds you that if the distance is not too far, it is best to go to the factory to see the product before the product is shipped, notify the manufacturer in advance, or give a preparation time. Nowadays, many products have been found to be inconsistent with the original design or the designed products are not as good as imagined, and I want to change them. The cost of sending products back and forth is also a loss, and it also delays business hours.

Inflatable castle related parameter indicators:

1. Raw materials: professional raw material supplier, 0.45mm first thickening, screened PVC fabric, the fabric by the quality supervision bureau test results show no irritating to the skin, no toxicity to children completely harmless, and in line with export standards. This material is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold and heat resistance and good flame retardancy.

2. Design ability: professional designers

3. Production process: blanking, inkjet (beautification), sewing (heat sealing), finished product.

4. Quality inspection procedures: self-inspection---mutual inspection---special inspection---final inspection purpose: to prevent unqualified products from entering the next process to ensure product quality.

5. Use as many double-point sewing as possible, with uniform stitches and a stitch length between 4.2 and 4.5 mm.

Purpose: To minimize air leaks and increase the strength of the lacing of the sewing site.

6. The width of the glue and the width of the sticking strip are not more than plus or minus 0.5cm.

7. Sticking temperature has strict control standards

8. Service life: The shape of the joint with the large face is maximized by the arc structure. The purpose is to make the product evenly stressed and increase the service life of the product. Can be used around eight to 100,000 people

9, related accessories: distribution of the corresponding fan, glue and repair materials.