How To Carry Out Routine Maintenance Of Large Outdoor Swimmer Amusement Equipment

How to carry out routine maintenance of large outdoor swimmer amusement equipment

Outdoor combination Slide amusement equipment is divided into outdoor projects and indoor projects, as outdoor amusement equipment, to maintain its safety and extend the service life, its regular maintenance and routine maintenance is very important. So what is the difference between the maintenance of large outdoor amusement equipment and indoor recreational facilities? Kidsplayplay toy company introduces how large outdoor recreation equipment should be maintained and routine maintenance.

First of all, outdoor projects and indoor equipment used by the material is different from the outdoor equipment should be able to withstand long hours of wind and sun, so the material must be very durable, not good enough material is not From the sun for a long time, will soon fade. As a result of indoor children's play equipment, because it does not exist these problems, so the choice of materials with its beautiful, mostly for some fine pictorial decoration patterns, and durable, will not fade. Second, large outdoor recreational equipment if you encounter rainy days, then how to protect the equipment? Should stop the operation, so as to avoid danger, but also in the operation of machinery by corrosion. The daily maintenance of outdoor recreational equipment, can be divided into the following five areas:

First, the daily maintenance

Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the surface of the paint frequently, and do not let the furniture contact with acid, alkaline chemicals and oil.

Second, hot marks

Children's recreational equipment on the surface of the left careless left hot marks, generally as long as the use of alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or tea wet cloth can be wiped. If you can not handle the best paint the surface again.

Three, water stains

Can be covered with a damp cloth on the mark, and then use the iron carefully press the wet cloth several times, marks can be diluted.

Four, scratched

If some children's play equipment paint abrasions, not touch the lacquered wood, can be the same color as the furniture crayons or pigments in the children's play equipment to cover the exposed surface to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a transparent nail polish A layer can be.

Five, burn marks

Cigarette butts or unexcited matches in the children's play equipment paint left scorched marks, if the paint burning, can be in the match stick or toothpick wrapped in a layer of fine lines of hard cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a layer of thin wax, Scorch can be diluted.

Outdoor combination slide amusement equipment is now for the crowd is also very broad, and some children's children's play equipment, there are more exciting for young people amusement equipment, but also for the family's parent-child recreational equipment. In the workmanship is consummate, because after more than ten years of development, skilled workmanship technology has become a foothold.